Jack Dixon & Yusuf Sebaiti - See Me (Free Download on XLR8R)

The peeps at XLR8R have kindly featured ‘See Me’ by Jack Dixon and myself this week and you can grab a free copy of it now . Enjoy

Download Link : http://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2013/12/see-me

'Glitchy synth bits amass into a solid two-step rhythm on “See Me,” as an eerily harmonized vocal line leads the track into a grimy, dejected breakdown. But the energy picks up in the song's final minutes, channeling a maximalist bass rhythm that can't help but crash into a bittersweet coda.'



How Atari box art turned 8-bit games into virtual wonderlands

The cover for Adventure on the Atari looks nothing like the title it’s promoting. The game itself is essentially made of a series of rectangles, with a few blocky enemies prowling around, while the main adventurer is simply a square. You’re forced to imagine the fantasy world you’re meant to be exploring. But imagining it is a whole lot easier thanks to the vibrant artwork of Susan Jaekel. Because of her painting on the cover of the box, you knew that you were actually venturing through a hedge maze with three huge dragons lurking inside. It filled in the gaps left by the game’s rudimentary graphics — and Adventure was far from alone. 

Oh yes